Friday, March 9, 2012

Potty Mouth

The last several months I've been sometimes victorious in my battle against foul language. 
No, this isn't an extension of that vigilante justice superhero effort. 
Nothing that cool. 

Just me, my potty mouth, and my ongoing effort to prevent my kindergartener from school banishment. 

Mostly, I do okay. 
After intense negotiations with Mr. Rules the school kid (totally unlike his rebellious mom) regarding the word crap, I was permitted it's usage off school grounds. 
I have SOMETHING to hold onto at least. 

The funny thing is
My three-year-old has come up with his own plan. 
See, he doesn't care about rules. 
(Not surprised)
And he probably thinks my struggle to say certain words and not say other ones is a freaking hoot. 
And I'm pretty sure that little demon wreaks mischief just to watch me squirm. 
That's true love you know: sadistic, evil pre-schooler.

Three-year-old has taken to saying, "Oh, NUGGETS!" whenever he finds something aggravating, frustrating, amusing, or in any way appropriate for an expletive. 

I'm actually jealous.
His word is cooler than mine. 

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