Monday, March 5, 2012

Who's The Boss?

Today I wanted to punch a woman in the face. 

This woman felt the need to pass judgement on something I was doing, or rather something she assumed I'd already done. She informed me of the appropriate way to do it (not asking if it might fit into my life or abilities), and attempted to push me aside so she could demonstrate on my child. 

A total stranger wanted to touch my kid after calling me inconsiderate. 

I corrected her on a few points, and left before I said everything I wanted. A wise move. 

But later I talked to my son about it. I can't stop nutbags who think they can tell people what's copacetic and what's sleazy in our lives, but I can teach him why it's never okay
to step into a stranger's path and dish out advice. 


It's easy enough my five-year-old grasped it in less than sixty seconds. 

Obviously, we've got people in our society we pay for advice: doctors, lawyers, psychiatrists, your frigging personal trainer.

And obviously, you've got friends that probably say, "Hey, dude, maybe you'd get better results this way," because your friends earned that right. 

And obviously, there's a cool justice system in place where you can report illegal activities. This protects you from getting shot by heroin-crazed psycho-killers. 
It's all good. 

But, you know, if you'd rather be Czar of the Galaxy, go for it. I'll give the junkies your address.

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