Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rugged Chic

This post lacks a photo because I'm unable to force my iPhone to photograph itself. 

This post is about the blatantly evil world of cellular phones. 
I bet you didn't even REALIZE evil existed in the wireless world. 
It does. 

I'd start a petition or something, but those things are so freaking lame. 
They're like a web trend. 
"Oh woe is me. The world sucks. THEY suck. Let's band together and SIGN THIS!"
That'll learn 'em. 

I'm all for non-violent protest. 
I just think we have better tools these days than whining. 


I have three small weapons of mass destruction. 
They steal my iPhone every chance they get. 
I used to buy ruggedized phones (may they rest in peace).
I stopped because the sound is rotten. Denmark rotten. I wanted a real phone.
But real phones don't respond well to biohazards. 

So I searched for a ruggedized case. 
Case #1 broke. 
Case #2 is PINK (ulk) & falling apart after a week. 

Not every person needing a ruggedized phone wants something brick-shaped and black. 
Not every person wanting the latest tech wants something delicate.
Sleek is good. Breakable is not.

It should not look like it is designed for a construction worker. 

A case should protect a cell phone from apocalypse.
Cases need to come in a range of colors. 
Black, red, white, green, and pink is only a range if you've been shopping the Wal-Mart men's department all your life and want something "fun" for the ladies.

It should not look like it is designed for a construction worker. 

I am so freaking tired of looking for a phone+case that fills the following requirements: 

A) I can find phone numbers without reading a manual
B) It survives my kids
C) I don't lose it because it is BLACK, or SILVER, and the size of a credit card.
D) I can hear people talk, and they can hear me.
E) I don't have to charge it midday. 

Oh, and pleas, Santa, I've only been marginally bad this year, so can I have one that doesn't look like it's made for a construction worker?

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  1. Nope, sorry. It would appear that the pooping kittens got all your 'bad' because what you want ain't on any market I know. Sadness.

    If they ever DO sell it, I'll be second in line behind you, though.

    BTW -- if you're interested, I've found a rich fiction community online at and