Friday, February 17, 2012


I've been inspired.

See, I saw this movie last year and it spurred a train of thought. While I'm not really a vigilante justice kind of gal (aside from my weird Lara Croft ninja fantasies), there's a near-daily pet peeve in my life that nobody is fixing.

You know, real heroes care about the little people.

We're talking parking lot justice, folks. I know you've been there. People stealing your spot right in front of you? Carts left piled in prime spaces up front in negative fifteen degree weather? That guy driving  driving thirty-five through Piggly Wiggly's lot who nearly hit your kid? King Ranch, extended cab, extended bed, 4x4, extra turbo, Hummer madness parked crack-asswards ACROSS THE LINE when you have three car seats to fill and an overflowing cart of groceries?

Yeah, you've been there.

I'm fighting for angry, sleep-deprived parents everywhere. I'm going undercover. I'm keying cars and slashing tires, people.

Just as soon as I figure out a cool superhero name.

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