Sunday, February 19, 2012

Design Fail

What you see above you is the result of a design failure of epic proportions. One you may even have experienced in your life. 
It's the ill-made drawer slide. 

Do you see the forlorn yellow basket on the bottom? Yes, that hole used to hold a drawer. A nice fat drawer sporting it's anal little label that matched the other anal little labels on all the matching little blue baskets. There's a second tall unit like this across the room you see. Also labeled.
Also with a dysfunctional drawer.

Now I'll have to buy another pair of blue baskets. Do you have any idea how many I own?

OCD issues aside, what I don't grasp is how centuries of craftsmanship fail to produce decent drawer slides again, and again, and again. 

Is it just me? Am I a bad drawer slide magnet? Do drawers in other parts of the planet function in a proper manner? IS IT AN EFFING CONSPIRACY?

Don't even ask why I am buying new baskets instead of installing more slides. 
Have you ever tried installing one of these? 
They're not normal. Neither are my assistants for that matter. Certainly not when I'm that close to the ground. 

I need to print out more labels. That always helps. 

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