Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sounds Good...

Some things sound like such great ideas. 
Take HE washers and dryers. I bet a lot of you guys have these babies. 
Shiny. Pretty. 
Save money on water and energy!

See this picture? 
That is your saved money getting spent all over again. 
This is what happens when you put the door of the stinking washing machine on the front. 
Sometimes, you just shouldn't mess with a good thing. 

Do you see the clothing, tangled up like lovers? 
Do you see the clothing on the floor? 
It didn't make it into the dryer. 

This is because I just don't have six hands. 
Six hands would frigging rock my world, baby.

I still tell people I love my HE machines. 
I spent too much money not to lie. 
Besides, they're not lying–even after a million washes (which add up when everything is falling on the floor)–clothes still look like new.

1 comment:

  1. "I spent too much money not to lie."

    I confess. We have cheap washer and cheap dryer. We love them both for not dying. I just knocked on wood when I said that.

    And why be a squid when you can be an octoMom? I want eight arms!! 8)