Monday, February 13, 2012


My name is Amy, and I'm a sexist hypocrite. Not sure what I'm a hypocrite about, sort of a CYA on that one, but the first statement is Oh. So. True.

See, I don't have crappy ideas about gender roles or inequality, and frankly I couldn't give a rip whether what's in your pants makes your job or life easier or harder to do. But I do know, oh I do know, that men and women watch movies differently.

It's probably just me being paranoid.
I'm really paranoid.

Men, in my experience, are suckers for great lines. They will watch movies and memorize the order and nuance of the bestest lines and repeat them at opportune moments. Extra kill points to buddies and potential girlfriends who know prime quotes.

Women, on the other hand, fantasize about being the characters in the movies. We work out elaborate scenes around "What Would Leia Do?" although we may never act them out. Well, most of us.

I'm pretty sure this is all a really elaborate ploy for us to lead secret lives as Lara Croft, Emma, Leia, and Buffy SIMULTANEOUSLY without any of the wardrobe changes or workout plans.

Maybe we're masking Split Personality Disorder.
Maybe that last part's just me.

Last night I was Kathy Bates in The Waterboy. "Suction cups are THE DEVIL!"
They are you know.


  1. You know, you may be onto something there. One of the first things my husband and I connected about was our mutual love of the movie Highlander. He loved that I could bandy back and forth Kurgon quotes. I loved that he knew the soundtrack. And I'm pretty sure neither of us noticed that the other's fantasy of the movie was slightly off!

    Anyway, I LOVE that you've started a blog.

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    1. I can pop out a few good quotes, but even my three-year-old son is better although I have him beat in the taste department. That's okay. Nobody can steal my dreams. Just maybe wonder where my brain is sometimes. It's usually someplace like this.